Aug. 26th, 2007

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I'm updating so much (at least what would be considered abnormal behavior for me) I think my journal might implode on me.

So, I'm being one of those fun friends who are littering your flist with a fanvid that you may have already seen or heard about. *grins* I thought it was put together pretty well, though, and figured if you haven't seen it, you should. *nods*

So go check this out, The End of Harry Potter; The Ultimate Dedication Video, at YouTube and get a little teary-eyed while you thank JKR for all that she gave us.

And do tell me if you were even a little sentimental. I'm trying to decide if I can decipher my real feelings from those that time of month cause. *laughs*

OH! And so seriously - what do you think of the possible Harry Potter musical??? *is trying to really imagine this and is failing but would still so go and see it given the chance*

(In other news, I have a lot of work to do at work (hey! There's a concept!) and I'm moving this weekend. *dies* It just occurred to me (first time I tried to spell occurred and I got it right on the first time! Whoot! *cough*) that I have to RE-pack everything we've unpacked the past three months. *looks around* CRAP. Oh, and starting from Saturday, I won't have internet until at least Tuesday night (if the cable company actually comes when they said they would). Just an FYI for any fellow Admins or people wondering why the hell I'm still not updating even though I said I was writing (which I am! Slowly...but I am!).)

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