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Hah, I scared you, didn't I? Missy posting?!?! Seriously, I know.

So, I don't even know how many of my old readers still exist out there, not sure how many people care anymore about the "never appearing to happen" ending of wdmc, however, a muse has visited me. And I am oh-so excited about this.

It's no secret that I've been struggling for months (years, even, by now) about how to end this. With the last chapter that's been posted (on, I've yet to get UR up to date), I have written all the main points that I had originally thought out when first brainstorming the plot bunny that attacked me oh-so-many years ago. My problem was that HBP came out before I was able to get that far, and now of course DH and that tiny little fact that I wasn't sure how exactly to end it. I figured Ch 15 (or, originally it would have been 16 chapters) would be the end and I could leave it at that. After the release of the final two books, I began realizing that just leaving wdmc open when canon isn't so any longer, was ripping away any plot meaning to wdmc (which was character driven anyway, but you know, what's an HP fic without the war?) So then I struggled with the idea of sequels, writing my own versions of the last two books to finish off wdmc. And a few months back I started (finally, thinking my muse had returned) writing the final chapter. Even sent the parts I had to my two betas.

Of course, I hated it. Parts I like, most parts didn't connect, weren't anywhere close to giving the reader the emotions the previous chapters had given and I was forcing the ending. And to top that off, I was trying to bring in the beginning of HBP to set up for a sequel AND I wasn't giving explanations or touching upon things that needed to be more finished.

Well. Life took me away from fandom almost completely for some time recently. HP wasn't anywhere close to being a priority on my mind. Then, a couple months ago, I missed it. I was fighting for time on a computer (mine's dead, sharing one with Adam because I'm lazy, oh, and money is tight), and lacking the energy to throw myself back in to fandom. But, I did pick up a notebook and started drafting a L/J one-shot (which is still being worked on, but not finished). It's eased me back into writing again, remembering canon and reminding me why I love the HP world.

Then, [personal profile] christycorr  and [personal profile] firstlightofeos  ransacked me (*grins*) back into the fandom (and UR), thankfully. Suddenly, I'm wondering how I was surviving without one of my favorite stress-relievers. So, as most of you know, the Hourglass Awards are in full swing at Unknowable Room. I'm judging the AU catagory, so I started reading last night since a few of them are chaptered fics and we all know my randomness in being on the computer as of late.

And it hit me. Hello!?!? wdmc is AU. Yes, I try to stick with as much canon as possible to make it believable, but damn it, I have James alive during the Trio time! And I didn't even touch the wdmc document, I just rolled my eyes at myself and went to bed.

Where I couldn't sleep because things just kept hitting me in the head. Gaps in what I wrote were suddenly filled and I can't figure out why I didn't think of these things before. How to end Ch 15? Duh. Answers to questions I had about plot-holes were tugging at my hair, yelling at me that they've been there all along. I am so stupid sometimes.

So. To sum this post up, I have answers to the burning questions and I'm ready to write this thing. And, any readers or not Chapter 15 will not be the final chapter to What Dreams May Come. There will be no sequel. This story will be longer, because there's no need to change stories to finish one tale. wdmc will follow through the canon we've been given and end with the war being won. I won't give anymore away than that *laughs*.

And I'm serious this time (although I make no promises on how fast or often updates will be; I do have the same life I've had the past couple of years, but readers or none, I will finish. I've even found myself a new beta. I haven't talked to [profile] lizaloo  in ages and [personal profile] satirise  and [profile] white_tulips  are both extremely busy (although I do hope they'll both continue to be around; I do love their opinions and help). So, even though she's busy too, I've enlisted the ever wonderful, Grammar Nazi and great pusher of getting me off my ass when I need it, [personal profile] firstlightofeos  . Much love and thanks to agreeing to help me out *laughs and looks forward to the coming frustrations she shall have because of me*.

So, I've just gone and done thrown a lot on my plate, but I'm excited about all of it. Especially now that I have direction not forced thoughts on where to go with wdmc. I'm looking forward to this challenge. *grins*

And yeah, I just thought I'd share that in case anyone cared. *laughs*

Here's to wdmc and the coming agony I so look forward to having because of it. *drinks*
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