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S'weird, the moments that grab me and choke me until I write and then I do.

More for my own insanity, but if you're interested, a progress report on What Dreams May Come, Chapter 15, Second Chances.

- First draft almost completed (one that I think I'm happy with!)
    -Is currently standing at 9660 words with a partial scene and a whole scene yet to be written (whole scene may be a bit lengthy, not sure yet)
       (the most words ever put in a chapter was 10,109 in Ch 11. I think I may beat that record, but considering the length of time that's passed, I owe it to my readers, yeah?)

- Am hoping to have this completed and looked over so I can send it to my betas (*coughcough [personal profile] firstlightofeos and [personal profile] christycorr coughcough*) within the week.

- Is still making no promises on when this chapter will be up.

- Is, however, happy with said progress and has already began the rough ideas of putting together chapter 16.

- Feels she's accomplished a lot for one evening and is going to bed

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