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Many years ago a fic was started about James Potter being alive and his story as he re-entered the wizarding world and his son's life. And then updating became sporadic. And then two years went by until it was finally updated again, with a promise from the author that the fic was not and would never be abandon. 

Four years later and said author is hardly even around online, let alone updated the fic. 

Said author fails at fanfic life, y/y? 

Well, there's news. Good news, even! I never took divination, but I'm seeing an update in the near future. 

Long story short, after I re-thought out the entire plot and point to the story, I put myself in a situation where the next few chapters are basically really important to the continued path of the fic. In other words, the decisions I'm making for these chapters essentially set up the remaining chapters. And I'm really bad at making decisions. I like to claim writers block, and maybe that's a part of it, but... not really. It's making up my mind on a few things and I can't continue without being decisive. 

And so, I'm forcing myself to be decisive. I'm almost satisfied with chapter 15 and I'm (seriously!) currently in the middle of reworking chapter 16. I have a start on seventeen and 18 and 19 are pretty mapped out. I just want to finish a bit more so that I'm sure of my decisions (really, I'm about to the point where I just say eff it and go with it, generally the way I make decisions) and the next chapter will be posted. Which will also mean the next chapter will be close to finished...and so forth. 

There is an outline. The story will finish through to the end of the war. It won't always be pretty. I'm sure it'll be angsty and hopefully continue to tear at your heartstrings some. I know that Tiffany and Erica aren't favorite characters, but they are important and there will be just a few more original characters (one of the areas I've struggled in making decisions). I've left a lot of questions and there even a few things that may appear to be mistakes (well, I'm sure there are plenty of mistakes) and all will be answered.

In the mean time, I just really really want to thank everyone who has read. It really means a lot. Thank you to those who continue to find wdmc and add it to their favorites and alert lists. And a massive thank you to all who have reviewed. You guys all rock my world. 

So here's to the soon to come update. I'm excited. 

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