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Hey guys. I have a thousand things I could update with and so much to catch up on and things I want to do, but wow - life has been picking me up off my feet lately and hardly puts me down to rest much. Two weeks since I've had a day off from work. =\ At least things are going reasonably well.

A proper update shall be made soon, but in the mean time I've a HUGE favor to ask you. Any one, pleasepleaseplease, I'd appreciate it if you could do this for me. Adam (for a school project) needs people to take his survey for an advertising class. It'll take you a couple of minutes and all you have to do is look at two different ads and answer a few questions on how the ad 'made you feel'.

Go here for the first ad and here for the second one.

I'd be muchmuchmuch appreciative if any of you could do this. Thank you, if you do. =)

Talk to you all sooooon.
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I meant to be writing (well, I meant to do a lot of things today and I've not accomplished a single one of them...) until I realized I'm horribly tired of my layout.

My problem is that I don't know, really, what I want and I seem to be picky. Searching, I can find suitable layouts but they just don't scream at me. I'm looking for screaming, apparently...

So, to my point - anyone have any suggestions? Suggestions on a layout, where to find a lovely screaming at me one or know of anyone willing to work with me the girl who knows not what she wants but is easy to please to make one for me?

I'd be eternally grateful for the help. As you can tell, I'm lacking in the layout department. Teh.

Now, I was working on something a while ago...
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Opinion Needed ASAP:

I have to write an ethics paper for my ethics class (captain obvious, aren't I?) and I can't decide what to do it on.

1. Is it, or should it be, our moral duty to rehabilitate criminals?


2. Is it ethical (or morally right) to treat juvenile criminals as adults?

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