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Totally quick entry:

Well, like everyone on my flist I could go on about my reaction to Deathly Hallows - but I won't. :p I will simply say that I loved it and there are many parts that stick out to me as awesome, wonderful, etc, as well as parts that gave me a blank look or go wtf?. Bottom line - I thought the book was a great ending. Besides -- JKR's left us with some great holes to play with in fandom. ^^

Speaking of fandom - this has me realllly wanting to write.

Okay - I'm going out of town in the morning for work and will be back sometime Friday evening/night. The good news is that Adam is totally letting me take his laptop with me! Yay! And the hotel I'm staying in has internet so...I shall still be here this week AND I can actually write! This excites me.

And in other news...Adam and I went apartment looking for the first time today. Awww. It was fun. We actually did find a place that we liked, but it's only the first day of looking. After pondering over our finances and such, we've decided that we should be able to move out sometime in September (this is, as well, very good news). So, we also went window-furniture shopping. *grins*

Need to finish packing and head to bed for my long drive tomorrow! I'll talk more HP later, I'm sure. I'm quite enjoying reading everyone else's thoughts and I've become addicted to [profile] deathlyh_icons (tons of great icons!) and [profile] everything_dh. It sure as hell ain't over. =) And although James is, always has been, and probably always will be my favorite character, I keep listening to the Snevans theme song...

Talk to you all later!
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I meant to be writing (well, I meant to do a lot of things today and I've not accomplished a single one of them...) until I realized I'm horribly tired of my layout.

My problem is that I don't know, really, what I want and I seem to be picky. Searching, I can find suitable layouts but they just don't scream at me. I'm looking for screaming, apparently...

So, to my point - anyone have any suggestions? Suggestions on a layout, where to find a lovely screaming at me one or know of anyone willing to work with me the girl who knows not what she wants but is easy to please to make one for me?

I'd be eternally grateful for the help. As you can tell, I'm lacking in the layout department. Teh.

Now, I was working on something a while ago...
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Congrats to Jenna for getting into

Much love to you, darling!


Aug. 11th, 2005 03:51 am
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I write the best when I'm not actually writing...
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Well, the wedding was just beautiful! It was a long weekend that exhausted me, but it was worth every moment. The couple that were married are wonderful (and enjoying a lovely time on a Florida Gulf beach as I type this)and deserved every gorgeous moment they had. Not to mention, their crazy friends =p know how to have a good time, lemme tell ya. They even dedicated a song to Adam and I during the reception in honor of our anniversary (tomorrow). The Beatles, All You Need is Love. I grinned so huge. The couple's first date had been our wedding.

So my plan - because I always follow through I'm cleaning around the apartment, dying my hair (the beautiful fake red it usually is) and spending some one on one time with my best friend. (Hours at Denny's with coffee is a ritual we don't get to perform near enough these hectic days). Possibly a late movie, either way, once home, I plan on attempting some reading for the Scrivenshaft challenge which will hopefully lead me to wanting to actually write some more of my own. Let us cross our fingers. I did attempt at working on some original works the other saw the word attempt, right?

Then, tomorrow, it is Adam and I's four year anniversary so I won't be around. =) But I'm pretty sure I'll be around on Friday; I foresee no other plans as of now.

And since I've been tagged twice for this, I shall honor the tag. =) Tagged by [ profile] _pinkandgrey_ and [ profile] golden_droplets

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six others to do the same. (who hasn't done this yet?)

Mm...I've been more on a 'classic' rock thing as of late more so than anything current...
1. Baba O'Riley by the Who (the teenage wasteland song - looove this)
2. When It's Love by Van Halen (and I'm usually not a Van Hagar kind of's a beautiful song)
3. Beverly Hills by Weezer
4. Simple Design by Breaking Benjamin
5. Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down
6. The Joker by The Steve Miller Band (forever to be one of my favorites)

That's as of late; you know the Beatles in there. LoL.
Now...who to tag? *closes eyes and picks randomly from F-list) Wait, on tag said to do 6, the other said 10. How about we choose 8? It's in the middle. =)

[ profile] everblue3
[ profile] kessy_sp
[ profile] lexisnexis
[ profile] silverspinner
[ profile] _inthestars_
[ profile] pialicious
[ profile] chorusgirl
[ profile] kaitsyxo

Snoochies till next time. Love, cookies, n huggles to everyone.

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