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Five weeks after my last comment made...


are I say that if I've learned anything in the past couple months it's been that time is your one constant companion. It's bruttle and honest, always pushing you, occasionally giving you what you need and sometimes not slowing down so you can breathe. And once some time has passed and you look back, it can be rather amazing at all that traveled either with you or past you.

Alright, since I'm sure not everyone wants to read everything I have to say, LJcuts:

A personal Catch-Up )

FanFiction-ing... )

Peronal thought )

Point is - I've been busy, exceptionally, but I love you all. I miss you guys when I'm not around. It'd be almost silly to say that I hope I can manage more time on here - I never follow through with planned plans ... but here's to hoping time will be willing to be my friend a bit more in the coming year now that I've accepted it more graciously.

Hope you all are well. My love to you all. <3


p.s. some things never change, and I fear, my babbling tendencies will forever be one of those.....*giggle*
p.s.2. Did I just giggle?!?!


Nov. 10th, 2005 12:13 am
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Thank you for your opinions. : ) A moment of stresssssss.

I've actually, because it's not like I have anything else to do- *stares dumbfoundedly* *tilts head at made up word* - decided to combine them.


My thesis:

As a society, we have a moral obligation to attempt at rehabilitating juvenile delinquents rather than trying them as adults in our courts and sentencing them to prisons. Because they are still children, we have an obligation to teach them. When a child does wrong, we punish and correct them as age and crime call for.

That is of course, after Adam convinced me this isn't a sociolgy research paper but a philosophy class.....
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Opinion Needed ASAP:

I have to write an ethics paper for my ethics class (captain obvious, aren't I?) and I can't decide what to do it on.

1. Is it, or should it be, our moral duty to rehabilitate criminals?


2. Is it ethical (or morally right) to treat juvenile criminals as adults?

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