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Chapter Thirteen, An Afternoon Tea of What Dreams May Come is posted at

Two more chapters left of the story. I'm looking forward to writing chapter 14. *grins*

And, since Dede has been so adament about me posting more work on, I've put up chapter one of wdmc.

Any RtW readers, don't worry, it's coming. *grins* I'm really excited to get back to writing that. I just want to wrap up wdmc first.


An extra shout out and super lovely thank you to those who reviewed since my last update. I appreciate it so very, very much. <3


p.s. Surprise, surprise - more memes to do next update. *grins*
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Well, I came online with the thoughts I've had from digesting the book, anticipating being able to rant, rave, and vent about it, read other's opinions and discuss things - all in all, in a decent mood, considering -

And now I'm just rendered speechless.

If you don't know, someone hacked into the Great Break email account and, this morning, sent out mass emails apparently to members with spoilers. I received one myself from a different email, the spoilers in the subject line and nothing in the body. It was not sent by the mods. It's very disconcering and such an immature and childish 'prank'. And honestly? In trying to give us a bad rep, whoever is behind this has only succeeded in childishly ruining something for so many people. What joy really comes out of that?

I just don't understand.

I'll come back later with actual comments. Everything is digesting still...
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I just realized I haven't updated this journal in a while, so I thought I would real quick before I headed to work. But, the good news as to why I haven't updated is that I've been busy - with fan fiction related things! (Yay!)

For those interested in [ profile] thegreatbreak, things are coming along very well. Slower than we had anticipated, but everything is coming together. Currently, our Coding Team is working on a layout for the new site and we're getting together the money to actually buy the site now. We're all very excited at what we have planned, and now that finals are about over for most, we plan on working diligently. =)

And for anyone interested in news on my stories, I have news. =)

News on What Dreams May Come )

News on Riding the Wind )

I must apologize for such a long delay in any updating of my stories. I whole-heartedly thank every one who reads and leaves me reviews. I appreciate the time you take to give my stories a chance, and I always appreciate concrit in any form. So...thank you. =)

News on Bittersweet Love )

And in other is calming down a bit due to the slowness of summer. I do love my winters, but summer is great for being lazy. Just yesterday evening I spent some lazy down time sitting on our deck with a lemonade and a book. Grand. =) I also love it because so many fanfic authors start updating more. *wink, wink*

I hope everyone is doing well. Everyone's survived finals, yay! I'm looking forward to Book 6, as well - I'm often made fun of at work and home for counting down, but they just don't understand the excitement, do they?

Until next time, everyone enjoy themselves!

Huggles n cookies!

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Well, what do you know, I am still alive. I was beginning to wonder...

Anyway, after a break from the computer and being online (not that I chose to take this break...) I'm back and I'm ready to pile on the work.

Oh, that sounded so good in my head, but now I'm scared that I said it outloud. LoL.

To the tgbmods, I'm sorry for my disapearing act, and you don't know how much it warms my heart that you are so understanding. I grinned when I read the email from Holly asking if I was still alive. =) Everything is sounding so great! I'm very excited for this site! I can't wait until we get it all up and going, it'll be wonderful, I just know it.

Hmm, anyone reading concerned with my writing...(ha...) well, that went on break for a while, too. All that's been done is two possible chapter titles and about three or four possible quotes have been typed on a blank Word document for the next chapter of wdmc (look, omg, I don't even remember what chapter number I'm on...*shoots foot*). I do have the chapter outlined in my head, so it's just a matter of actually writing it. =) See, I'm half way there. However, my concentration, I plan, will be given to tgb and the new site. Then we'll post away. ^ ^

I attempted, a few weeks ago, to look over some of my original writings that are collecting dust on my computer. Agh, it was harsh. Simply editing and doing some re-writing would not be near enough. I think I'm currently going through one of those phases where nothing I write is very good in my eyes. I'm sure I'll kick myself out of it soon enough. I do have one 'novel' written, in desperate need of being rewritten, edited, and expanded mind you, that's incredibly cliche, over used and filled with corny themes, un-nessisary soap-opera like scenes, and  probably some Mary-Sue characters - but I love it all the same. *giggles* I have "four" stories, novel length, or close to, completed, and this is the only one I can stand. LoL. The others are all connected and basically the same story with different characters (all related to the previous stories) anyway, so one of these days it'll just be a matter of piecing all that together.

In the mean time, I do love my HP fandom. I keep getting plot bunnies for fics that deal with themes and story lines that I'd like to attack with original characters someday, but I can picture them in use with Lily/MWPP story lines for now...

We'll see.

At any rate - I'm alive. =)[profile]
moon_dancing: (Default) of these days I'm going to stop with the dissapearing act. Meh. Real life (it sort of sounds funny to call it that, I mean, this is real too...) is just wonderful at mingling its way around me.

Mmm. Any tgbmods reading this - I will be back in action. Soon. Except...until the weekend following Mother's Day...I may not be around much at all. I send my apologies! Don't count me out! After this little phase though, life should (key word = should) calm down and I can concentrate on things. So...if someone wouldn't mind...could I be a bother and ask someone to just...keep me up to date? Let me know what all is going on and anything you'd like me to do/work on/research? I owe you girls a thousand cookies. =)

And. Okay. Update on my fanfiction.

I've decided that it is utterly killing me to see What Dreams May Come sitting there without the first chapter. So. Damndamndamn. I'm going to fix it. None of the song lyrics are actually needed in that fic anyway, so I'll go through and edit them out. I'm also going to put the first chapter back up and update my profile...all on Thursday. Because I believe I will have time then. And I will continue to update wdmc, and on

I will not be re-posting Ride the Wind on because it would never remain under the guidelines. Sadly, although I do have a complete understanding of the lyrics rule (although xing really needs to be more clear!) music is going to have an influencial role in that story, so I'm not even going to try again with that one. rtw will wait for the new site to go up.

Anything else I come up with (hinthinthint to the current plot bunny killing me) will wait for the site as well.

And so will re-writing, re-editing of Bittersweet Love. Not that I think that one had many fans aside from my friends. LoL.

So. Until Thursday, at which time I hope to be able to spend some quality time in my favorite world of fandom - huggles n cookies.

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