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I just realized I haven't updated this journal in a while, so I thought I would real quick before I headed to work. But, the good news as to why I haven't updated is that I've been busy - with fan fiction related things! (Yay!)

For those interested in [ profile] thegreatbreak, things are coming along very well. Slower than we had anticipated, but everything is coming together. Currently, our Coding Team is working on a layout for the new site and we're getting together the money to actually buy the site now. We're all very excited at what we have planned, and now that finals are about over for most, we plan on working diligently. =)

And for anyone interested in news on my stories, I have news. =)

What Dreams May Come
My goal, upon starting this, was to complete it by the time book 6 came out. I'm not sure that I'll make that goal, however I may come close. I'm a very disorganized writer, unfortanetly and I don't recommend my ways to anyone - but Holly sparked my interest in becoming organized, so... I can now tell you that the story is outlined to its ending. There will be a total of 16 chapters (which means I have 6 more to write). I've changed quite a few things about it, and I think having had such a long break from it, helped me in many ways. I could come back and reorganize my thoughts. Chapter 11 is currently being worked on - I had to stop and start over, again - and hopefully will be posted within the week. Don't hold your breath, but cross your fingers. =) I'm excited (again) to be working on it, as is my beta, Lizaloo.

Ride the Wind
I must admit, this is slowly becoming my baby of fan fiction. I really am looking forward to where I plan on taking this story, it's much closer to plot lines that I enjoy writing in my original work, or plan to. =) As I've said before, after the changes at, I won't be reposting this one on that site again - it won't follow what they are now having as strict rules. (for tgb, we've exhausted ourselves in copyright laws and we know were we stand on them). However, I'm ahead on writing this one (6 chapters currently written) and the lovely Holly ([ profile] everblue3) who I adore so very much has agreed to become my editor on it. As there is no rush (it won't be posted until our new site is up and running), she's taking her time on what I've already written. We've discussed some of my plotlines at length and I've very excited and look forward to being able to spend time on writing this one. In the meantime, I will be concentrating on writing wdmc until it is finished before working anymore on rtw.

I must apologize for such a long delay in any updating of my stories. I whole-heartedly thank every one who reads and leaves me reviews. I appreciate the time you take to give my stories a chance, and I always appreciate concrit in any form. So...thank you. =)

Bittersweet Love
Umm...there is no update on this one. It's in hiatus until further notice. It brings a huge smile to my face when people ask about this one, I'm not all that fond of it, but I think once I take the time to go back and re-write and edit it, I will be happy. There are a lot of plotlines I was looking forward to in that one. Sorry for anyone looking for me to update that. =(

And in other is calming down a bit due to the slowness of summer. I do love my winters, but summer is great for being lazy. Just yesterday evening I spent some lazy down time sitting on our deck with a lemonade and a book. Grand. =) I also love it because so many fanfic authors start updating more. *wink, wink*

I hope everyone is doing well. Everyone's survived finals, yay! I'm looking forward to Book 6, as well - I'm often made fun of at work and home for counting down, but they just don't understand the excitement, do they?

Until next time, everyone enjoy themselves!

Huggles n cookies!

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