Jun. 11th, 2007

Fic Update

Jun. 11th, 2007 11:49 pm
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*waves* Been a while since I've given one of these. =\

Okay - I haven't had time, to be honest, in the past couple of months to work on much of anything. I do have plans and hopefully I now have time - that's the good news. So, in case you're wondering about anything in the works - read on.

Bittersweet Love - I'm going to be honest. I have no current plans on working on this for a while. Perhaps, someday when inspiration hits, I'll work on editing and rewriting it (personally, I think it's absolutely horrid). It's rather cliche and poorly written, I think. So...I don't see any hope for it in the near future.

Ride the Wind - *huggles* I miss this one! As soon as What Dreams May Come is done, I will get back to this one! I want to rewrite the first chapters (I think, I have the first six or so written?) before I start reposting it. I really need to work out my plan, too, out on paper, before I continue. So...look for that one within the next few months.

What Dreams May Come - One More Chapter Left. It's in the works! I pulled it up today to reread what I have written and I just need to fall back into that place and I can finish it. Mands is waiting for me, so it isn't a beta problem...it's just me. Last chapter...I've never written a last chapter before! It's coming along, though. The title is self titled, What Dreams May Come and I use a quote from Hamlet (go figure which one!) to start the chapter off.

Since I'm talking about wdmc - I have a question that I'd greatly appreciate any opinions and feedback on. I've had a few requests for a sequel to wdmc and I've considered it. Originally, I had no intentions of going any further (of course, back when wdmc started, I hadn't really planned the ending). I could go further with the story - I could continue through the time of the remaining books, just written with James alive and my version. But...is it worth it? Would any of you be interested in it? Author-wise, is it wise to write sequels? I just can't make up my mind on this and I'd like to by the time I post the final chapter.

Moments - Moments shall be a vignette that's currently in the works. I have the first of four chapters written, the final three all planned out and beta-approved. It's MWPP-era and that's all I can say until I post the first chapter. =)

Believe it or not (this HP summerfest is getting to me, I think.), I actually have three other ideas (possibly plans) for some short fics. I have a Peter based vignette in mind, a Snape one-shot, and a fic about James (of course) from a different point of view. The last one I'm unsure about more than the others. We'll see. Anyone willing to hash out some ideas with me, I'll take you up on the offer. @_@

That's all for now. wdmc will get caught up over at the UR and I'll keep working and concentrating on the final chapter of that for now. =)

Huggles n cookies!

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