Aug. 23rd, 2007

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I have a question that I'm curious as to how others think concerning an answer. I have my own ideas, but I haven't came to a conclusive answer yet.

I'm working on finally, yet again the last chapter. I'm attempting at being particular with how I conclude certain plots/ideas in the story, keeping in mind that I may, more than likely, write one, if not two, sequels (basically, my versions of books six and seven).

With that in mind - and I suppose this question is relative basing it on the personality of my James - I've been contemplating exactly how Voldemort would react, and thus affect the war and his concentration on Harry, to James being alive after all.

More to the point, in your opinion, considering that Voldemort (remember that wdmc is pre-DH) never heard the prophecy in its entirety, do you think that he would concentrate on James just as much as he does on Harry? After all, Harry is no longer the only survivor of the killing curse (although Voldemort does not know the specifics on how James survived). Do you think Voldemort's vainness would make James a prime target as well? Or would James be on the top of his wanted list simply for being Harry's father and having survived Voldemort numerous times?

I'm pretty settled in the notion that since James survived him (and in wdmc, was a strong opponent during the first war), he'll obviously be a main target. Plus, he is Harry's father and therefore close to Harry.

Basically - I'm thinking in terms of the prophecy and how Voldemort, directly, would look at James and consider him.

Curious as to other's opinions on this matter, which may or may not affect the direction I go in writing.

Thank you, to anyone who replies. *hugs n cookies*

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