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Well, everyone else is doing it, so let's pretend my opinion matters to someone, somewhere. *laughs* Anyway - after having a few days to consider, hash, reread and contemplate everything in the book, I think I've come to my overall feelings for it. And quite amusing, to me at least, Adam has never - aside from him and another friend reading passages at the end of HBP while we were in line just to taunt - read any of the books. He's seen the movies and that's as far as his personal understanding of the septology reaches. Except for the fact that he knows every minute detail of HBP and back stories because I basically told him the book. Since I began reading it, he's endured sitting there and listening to me talk out all my feelings, reactions and theories. Brilliantly played the part of 'support your local obsessive HP fan'. And it makes me giddy to know that both my mom and my mother in law are dying in suspense as I've yet to loan the book to either of them. I've totally hooked them. Squee for me. LoL.

Spoilers! My thoughts on HP & the HBP )

Harry Potter and the Beatles (and hockey) - I obsess to the point that it's probably unhealthy, and they are - my most proudest obsessions. =)

Heh, I may add more comments later - I may never speak of this book again. (okay, that's highly unlikely) And I may start writing again...since it's been shoved to the side for the past week. You can shoot me in the foot later, for taking so long, I promise.


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