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Hmm, so I suppose the point of these things is to actually update and write in them, aye? I suppose I could use the excuse that I'm a busy girl... but that'd only be half the truth. I have this terrible habit of getting sidetracked. Constantly. I start writing, go to look something up and end up reading for a while...LoL.

But. The good news is this - both What Dreams May Come and Ride the Wind will be updated in the very near future. The hold up has been, well, my inability to be happy with things, my laziness when it comes to actually fixing beta read work, and the fact that my lovely and wonderful usual beta, Lizaloo has been having computer problems. All that and of course, both of us have that thing called real life that tends to jump in at any time. *wrinkles nose*

But, look for updates within the week, I'd guess. (but don't hold your breath, I'd hate to be responsible for anyone passing out)

And in case anyone was wondering, as of right now I do not plan on completely leaving I have my stories started there, and unless someone else decides for me, I will finish them there. But I have to admitt, I'm really excited about the site we're building for[profile] [profile] [ profile] thegreatbreak
Everything is coming along great. *smiles*

Huggles to all.

“Harry?” James gulped. His heart was furiously beating and he was beginning to sweat. He was more nervous now than he had been in even seeing Harry again. It seemed as thought time stopped while he waited for a reaction from him.

 “Why?” Harry glared at his father. “Why did you two have to be the heroes? Why did it have to be me? Didn’t you stop and think that it might not work?”

 “I…we…Harry, we thought we knew what we were doing. Merlin, we never intended on it backfiring…we never wanted to leave you…or to lose you…we…we just…”

 “You put your family on the line and lost.”

*winks* And if you're interested to know, I've begun work on the next chapter, although I have a feeling it'll be just as difficult as this one was to write.


on 2005-04-27 04:45 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I love you, really I do, but at this moment, I want to hurt you.

How am I supposed to work on boring German chapters if you update RtW and WDMC? *growl*

Making me choose among my priorities and the shiny new toy that's waiting for me so enticingly...evil. evil.


*small voice* Would you mind waiting until Friday night?

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