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I'm updating so much (at least what would be considered abnormal behavior for me) I think my journal might implode on me.

So, I'm being one of those fun friends who are littering your flist with a fanvid that you may have already seen or heard about. *grins* I thought it was put together pretty well, though, and figured if you haven't seen it, you should. *nods*

So go check this out, The End of Harry Potter; The Ultimate Dedication Video, at YouTube and get a little teary-eyed while you thank JKR for all that she gave us.

And do tell me if you were even a little sentimental. I'm trying to decide if I can decipher my real feelings from those that time of month cause. *laughs*

OH! And so seriously - what do you think of the possible Harry Potter musical??? *is trying to really imagine this and is failing but would still so go and see it given the chance*

(In other news, I have a lot of work to do at work (hey! There's a concept!) and I'm moving this weekend. *dies* It just occurred to me (first time I tried to spell occurred and I got it right on the first time! Whoot! *cough*) that I have to RE-pack everything we've unpacked the past three months. *looks around* CRAP. Oh, and starting from Saturday, I won't have internet until at least Tuesday night (if the cable company actually comes when they said they would). Just an FYI for any fellow Admins or people wondering why the hell I'm still not updating even though I said I was writing (which I am! Slowly...but I am!).)
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Totally quick entry:

Well, like everyone on my flist I could go on about my reaction to Deathly Hallows - but I won't. :p I will simply say that I loved it and there are many parts that stick out to me as awesome, wonderful, etc, as well as parts that gave me a blank look or go wtf?. Bottom line - I thought the book was a great ending. Besides -- JKR's left us with some great holes to play with in fandom. ^^

Speaking of fandom - this has me realllly wanting to write.

Okay - I'm going out of town in the morning for work and will be back sometime Friday evening/night. The good news is that Adam is totally letting me take his laptop with me! Yay! And the hotel I'm staying in has internet so...I shall still be here this week AND I can actually write! This excites me.

And in other news...Adam and I went apartment looking for the first time today. Awww. It was fun. We actually did find a place that we liked, but it's only the first day of looking. After pondering over our finances and such, we've decided that we should be able to move out sometime in September (this is, as well, very good news). So, we also went window-furniture shopping. *grins*

Need to finish packing and head to bed for my long drive tomorrow! I'll talk more HP later, I'm sure. I'm quite enjoying reading everyone else's thoughts and I've become addicted to [profile] deathlyh_icons (tons of great icons!) and [profile] everything_dh. It sure as hell ain't over. =) And although James is, always has been, and probably always will be my favorite character, I keep listening to the Snevans theme song...

Talk to you all later!
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I am a complete spaz these days. I've been working a lot but that hasn't stopped me from eating, breathing and sleeping Harry Potter. In fact, not too much time (I'm talking minutes, people) goes by without me saying something about Harry Potter. And seeing OotP did not help. It only gave me more reason to talk more. Poor Adam - he has no reason (other than it would be good for him) to actually read the books, he knows everything I know. *grins* However, he's caught up in all the hype and he's been asking me questions, asking me to explain things and asking me about theories and such. He wants me to sit down with him and watch all the movies so I can pause and explain details AND he's mentioned that one of these days, he wants to actually read the books! He's not much of a reader so this is Very Exciting. Plus, not only have I won yet another to the Dark Side (meaning the Obsessed HP world), but it's really nice to have someone finding interest in one of my interest. Usually, I'm rather off on my own in left field where my friends and family are concerned. This is quite exciting.

Anyway. I've been rereading the books and I'm so glad that I am. They're quite enjoyable (of course, as if that sentence was preluded with doubt?) to be reading one after the other and completely reading them. I've reread them all at some point, but I've always skipped around and read what I felt like reading. Things are really clicking and I've been driving home my theories to anyone who will listen.

Not that it's worth anything to have the theories any longer...SPOILERS UP MY ASS. I've avoided endings...but they are at My Fingertips. [personal profile] christycorr and [profile] nancy_downs are no help in this. *grins*

I'm dying. Seriously. I can't believe this is...It.

So...proper updates about all sorts of things will come after the reading, obsessing and tearing apart of Deathly Hallows occurs. Until then, I probably won't be around online too much. I'll be too busy reading and talking HP to anyone who will listen to me. =)

Happy Reading, Everyone!
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Well, with the crazyfunlove of I posted a oneshot that hasn't been previously seen. I wrote it a couple months ago, actually. I was waiting for UR because I wanted to include a stanza from a Muse song that inspired the fic as well as a stanza of a Madonna song that came on while I was writing it and got me all emotional and into it. LoL.

The drabble is called The Butterflies Within the Hurricane (based on the *gasp* song Butterflies and Hurricanes).

It's a story about Remus and his thoughts and reactions on that fate-filled night on which he lost his best friends.

I went ahead and put it up on too, without the lyrics of course, just because.

Off to bed.

With love ~
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Well, everyone else is doing it, so let's pretend my opinion matters to someone, somewhere. *laughs* Anyway - after having a few days to consider, hash, reread and contemplate everything in the book, I think I've come to my overall feelings for it. And quite amusing, to me at least, Adam has never - aside from him and another friend reading passages at the end of HBP while we were in line just to taunt - read any of the books. He's seen the movies and that's as far as his personal understanding of the septology reaches. Except for the fact that he knows every minute detail of HBP and back stories because I basically told him the book. Since I began reading it, he's endured sitting there and listening to me talk out all my feelings, reactions and theories. Brilliantly played the part of 'support your local obsessive HP fan'. And it makes me giddy to know that both my mom and my mother in law are dying in suspense as I've yet to loan the book to either of them. I've totally hooked them. Squee for me. LoL.

Spoilers! My thoughts on HP & the HBP )

Harry Potter and the Beatles (and hockey) - I obsess to the point that it's probably unhealthy, and they are - my most proudest obsessions. =)

Heh, I may add more comments later - I may never speak of this book again. (okay, that's highly unlikely) And I may start writing again...since it's been shoved to the side for the past week. You can shoot me in the foot later, for taking so long, I promise.


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