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Many years ago a fic was started about James Potter being alive and his story as he re-entered the wizarding world and his son's life. And then updating became sporadic. And then two years went by until it was finally updated again, with a promise from the author that the fic was not and would never be abandon. 

Four years later and said author is hardly even around online, let alone updated the fic. 

Said author fails at fanfic life, y/y? 

Well, there's news. Good news, even! I never took divination, but I'm seeing an update in the near future. 

Long story short, after I re-thought out the entire plot and point to the story, I put myself in a situation where the next few chapters are basically really important to the continued path of the fic. In other words, the decisions I'm making for these chapters essentially set up the remaining chapters. And I'm really bad at making decisions. I like to claim writers block, and maybe that's a part of it, but... not really. It's making up my mind on a few things and I can't continue without being decisive. 

And so, I'm forcing myself to be decisive. I'm almost satisfied with chapter 15 and I'm (seriously!) currently in the middle of reworking chapter 16. I have a start on seventeen and 18 and 19 are pretty mapped out. I just want to finish a bit more so that I'm sure of my decisions (really, I'm about to the point where I just say eff it and go with it, generally the way I make decisions) and the next chapter will be posted. Which will also mean the next chapter will be close to finished...and so forth. 

There is an outline. The story will finish through to the end of the war. It won't always be pretty. I'm sure it'll be angsty and hopefully continue to tear at your heartstrings some. I know that Tiffany and Erica aren't favorite characters, but they are important and there will be just a few more original characters (one of the areas I've struggled in making decisions). I've left a lot of questions and there even a few things that may appear to be mistakes (well, I'm sure there are plenty of mistakes) and all will be answered.

In the mean time, I just really really want to thank everyone who has read. It really means a lot. Thank you to those who continue to find wdmc and add it to their favorites and alert lists. And a massive thank you to all who have reviewed. You guys all rock my world. 

So here's to the soon to come update. I'm excited. 

Huggles n cookies!
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Yes! Contrary to what I know you're thinking, I am still writing! As usual, life has been busy and I've decided I want to be well ahead of the game before I start updating once again. The good news is that we're getting closer to an update.

For those interested in What Dreams May Come

Chapters 15, Second Chances, and 16, Love's Direction, are both written. I'm currently working on chapter 17, which is still untitled. The really good news I can share is the entire fic has been outlined. Here's the part that floored me; we're going to be around for a while longer. To my best estimate, which isn't absolutely certain as the chapters themselves aren't outlined (and have a tendency to take on a life of their own each time), there's approx. 30 to 40 more chapters left of this story. If I can keep myself from adding any other side stories or running off on a tangent, it should be closer to the 30 mark, but knowing me, somewhere in the middle (and I can almost see the areas that will be trouble for me), I might hit that 40 mark easy. Heh.

So, the story is set, I've had plenty of time to plan it out and it's finally down in outline form and unless one of my betas persuade me due to plot holes or just downright silliness or horribleness, things won't change no matter reactions. I can tell you this much - the story will remain as close to canon as I can make it. It will, of course, deviate from that often enough to stand out, as it is an AU to begin with. It will get dark; there will be character deaths and injuries. You'll be introduced to some new characters, there will be romance, adventures and plenty of drama.

It'll be a little bit longer before any updates will start rolling in. The ever wonderful [ profile] firstlightofeos  (and somehow I've pulled the also, ever wonderful [ profile] christycorr  into the mix) and myself have been quite busy and I haven't put a rush on any beta reading. Plus, I would like to stay ahead by a few chapters. That way, in my often times of not being around, or having the time to write, I can still have something to update with.

In the mean time, somehow, [ profile] christycorr  convinced me to sign up for this year's Fic Exchange at Unknowable Room, so I guess I'm doing that. I fear deadlines, so this may not have been the best idea ever...

Hopefully, I can finish chapter 17 soon and get a good start on 18. When I get that far, I'll start putting pressure on my betas and by the time I get 18 done, I can update with 15 and stay a good three chapters ahead of my posting. I've said this before and I still mean it, with or without any readers, I will finish wdmc. *grins*

Happy reading!

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S'weird, the moments that grab me and choke me until I write and then I do.

More for my own insanity, but if you're interested, a progress report on What Dreams May Come, Chapter 15, Second Chances.

- First draft almost completed (one that I think I'm happy with!)
    -Is currently standing at 9660 words with a partial scene and a whole scene yet to be written (whole scene may be a bit lengthy, not sure yet)
       (the most words ever put in a chapter was 10,109 in Ch 11. I think I may beat that record, but considering the length of time that's passed, I owe it to my readers, yeah?)

- Am hoping to have this completed and looked over so I can send it to my betas (*coughcough [personal profile] firstlightofeos and [personal profile] christycorr coughcough*) within the week.

- Is still making no promises on when this chapter will be up.

- Is, however, happy with said progress and has already began the rough ideas of putting together chapter 16.

- Feels she's accomplished a lot for one evening and is going to bed
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Hah, I scared you, didn't I? Missy posting?!?! Seriously, I know.

So. To sum this post up, I have answers to the burning questions and I'm ready to write this thing. And, any readers or not Chapter 15 will not be the final chapter to What Dreams May Come. There will be no sequel. This story will be longer, because there's no need to change stories to finish one tale. wdmc will follow through the canon we've been given and end with the war being won. I won't give anymore away than that *laughs*.

And I'm serious this time (although I make no promises on how fast or often updates will be; I do have the same life I've had the past couple of years, but readers or none, I will finish. I've even found myself a new beta. I haven't talked to [profile] lizaloo  in ages and [personal profile] satirise  and [profile] white_tulips  are both extremely busy (although I do hope they'll both continue to be around; I do love their opinions and help). So, even though she's busy too, I've enlisted the ever wonderful, Grammar Nazi and great pusher of getting me off my ass when I need it, [personal profile] firstlightofeos  . Much love and thanks to agreeing to help me out *laughs and looks forward to the coming frustrations she shall have because of me*.

So, I've just gone and done thrown a lot on my plate, but I'm excited about all of it. Especially now that I have direction not forced thoughts on where to go with wdmc. I'm looking forward to this challenge. *grins*

And yeah, I just thought I'd share that in case anyone cared. *laughs*

Here's to wdmc and the coming agony I so look forward to having because of it. *drinks*
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I have a question that I'm curious as to how others think concerning an answer. I have my own ideas, but I haven't came to a conclusive answer yet.

I'm working on finally, yet again the last chapter. I'm attempting at being particular with how I conclude certain plots/ideas in the story, keeping in mind that I may, more than likely, write one, if not two, sequels (basically, my versions of books six and seven).

With that in mind - and I suppose this question is relative basing it on the personality of my James - I've been contemplating exactly how Voldemort would react, and thus affect the war and his concentration on Harry, to James being alive after all.

More to the point, in your opinion, considering that Voldemort (remember that wdmc is pre-DH) never heard the prophecy in its entirety, do you think that he would concentrate on James just as much as he does on Harry? After all, Harry is no longer the only survivor of the killing curse (although Voldemort does not know the specifics on how James survived). Do you think Voldemort's vainness would make James a prime target as well? Or would James be on the top of his wanted list simply for being Harry's father and having survived Voldemort numerous times?

I'm pretty settled in the notion that since James survived him (and in wdmc, was a strong opponent during the first war), he'll obviously be a main target. Plus, he is Harry's father and therefore close to Harry.

Basically - I'm thinking in terms of the prophecy and how Voldemort, directly, would look at James and consider him.

Curious as to other's opinions on this matter, which may or may not affect the direction I go in writing.

Thank you, to anyone who replies. *hugs n cookies*
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I need a beta reader to work with me on the last chapter of What Dreams Will Come.

I have a portion written and would very much like it read over before I continue. But I need more than just a beta reader, I need someone who would be willing to discuss it with me. And of course be okay with reading the last chapter in parts and knowing things.

Anyone? Please?

Edit: In addition to Mands, who of course, is quite lovely and wonderful at beta reading my work. *grins*
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I'm a nervous wreck. First brand new piece of work in over a year...I suck at writing 'action'...

What Dreams May Come, chapter 14, Death Be Naught, has been updated at and can be found here.

Chapter 15, entitled the title of the story, is currently being worked on at the best of my ability. I'm considering a sequel, a sequel that would still (as best I can) follow canon in my own, little AU world I've created. Pleasssse give me your opinion on this. =)

I'm going to go wait for the world to come to an end now.

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Omg. Omg. Omg. O-M-G.

Mands just sent me back the rest of Chapter 14 of wdmc.

Omg. Omg. Omg.

This means I just have to EDIT.

Omg. Omg. Omg.


I can't breathe...
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I do believe - though I'm not sure how much editing and rewriting it may need - that I have finished writing Chapter 14 of What Dreams May Come.

In fact, I'm so sure that I did send the rest of the chapter off to my lovely beta, [profile] white_tulips

I'm not sure if I'm excited, scared, nervous or relieved...

How did I get so accomplished this week? It's been really productive...

ETA: The final four paragraphs of the story have been written. The very ending - it's there and I actually love it. Let's hope this motivation keeps coming...
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I'm trying to write. I'm trying to work on chapter 14 of wdmc - instead I opened a new document and started writing some things for chapter 15 - things that happen and/or are said after what's not written in 14.

I need motivation.

Motivate me, please.
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Okay, is the one year mark of my last update on What Dreams May Come (or, anything, for that matter) and...I didn't update. No, really, I've already shot myself in the foot for not making my own deadline. I really am sorry (for anyone that cares at this point...).

BUT - I do have about half of the chapter completed and in the hands of the lovely Mands for beta reading. The second half is coming, kind of relying on how the first half turns out. What I do have, is 12 pages of size 12 font, Times New Roman and 4 822 words. Generally, each chapter for wdmc averages about 6 500 words and 20 some odd pages. So...see? I'm getting there! I may be further along than I think or this may end up being a long chapter. *nods* Someone tell me this is good news...please...Ohmy - I'm begging, aren't I?

While I'm busy begging - curiously - I have Mands to beta read, but I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who might be interested in helping to beta read the rest of wdmc? I need pushing and prodding, as well as someone who can handle my random rambles and hashing out ideas while I'm writing. If anyone is interested, drop me a line. Lizaloo, the previous beta, is currently indisposed and not able to beta for me right now. I feel like a lost little puppy...

But, aside from that news, I also have a good reason for not writing as much as I would have liked - I've been actively working on things at *nods* Yep. And do you know that our first anniversary is coming up next month? Exciting.

Okay, see, I'm avoiding both writing and my homework right now, so I should get to of those...

Love n huggles.
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On occasion, I surprise myself. For instance, I never thought I'd be one of those authors - the kind who rarely update and tend to disapear from the fandom for indisputed amounts of time. I knew, from the moment I decided to begin posting, that I wouldn't be able to update often, but for a while, I was on a slight schedule.

Then a few months passed by and I tried to write, getting nowhere fast. A few more months passed and now we're only a month away from a year having passed since What Dreams May Come was last updated.

I am one of those authors.

However, never fear! The muse has returned, I've begun contact with my old beta, found a new beta to push and prod me (the lovely [profile] white_tulips), and [here's the best part] I'm writing.

I know, I know, I had to pick myself up off the floor from shock, too. And then I started writing again.

Life's been a bitch, but it's kicked me in the ass and pushed me back to where I think I need to be. I can't promise a time when wdmc will be updated, I won't even go as far as to estimate. What I can tell you is that it will be updated before the one year mark has come and passed. We're getting close to the end (it may end up being three more chapters vs. the two more I had been thinking...I'm still unsure) and I'd like to finish it before I get too far into over two years of writing this. That, and I'd really like to get back into writing Ride the Wind.

So - to make sure you're receiving my upmost apologies for the long lack of updates and to hopefully get you excited about the coming chapter - a small sample.

Hmmm...what could be going on in this chapter? I'm quite excited to finally be writing it.

Till next time ~
Peace n huggles n cookies

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Five weeks after my last comment made...


are I say that if I've learned anything in the past couple months it's been that time is your one constant companion. It's bruttle and honest, always pushing you, occasionally giving you what you need and sometimes not slowing down so you can breathe. And once some time has passed and you look back, it can be rather amazing at all that traveled either with you or past you.

Alright, since I'm sure not everyone wants to read everything I have to say, LJcuts:

A personal Catch-Up )

FanFiction-ing... )

Peronal thought )

Point is - I've been busy, exceptionally, but I love you all. I miss you guys when I'm not around. It'd be almost silly to say that I hope I can manage more time on here - I never follow through with planned plans ... but here's to hoping time will be willing to be my friend a bit more in the coming year now that I've accepted it more graciously.

Hope you all are well. My love to you all. <3


p.s. some things never change, and I fear, my babbling tendencies will forever be one of those.....*giggle*
p.s.2. Did I just giggle?!?!

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Chapter Thirteen, An Afternoon Tea of What Dreams May Come is posted at

Two more chapters left of the story. I'm looking forward to writing chapter 14. *grins*

And, since Dede has been so adament about me posting more work on, I've put up chapter one of wdmc.

Any RtW readers, don't worry, it's coming. *grins* I'm really excited to get back to writing that. I just want to wrap up wdmc first.


An extra shout out and super lovely thank you to those who reviewed since my last update. I appreciate it so very, very much. <3


p.s. Surprise, surprise - more memes to do next update. *grins*
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Well. All my problems of what, two days ago, have dissolved and -Tada!- What Dreams May Come has been updated. I hope it's good. It's on the shorter side (especially compared to chapter 11) but it's a transition chapter into the next (and last) three. (which I'm excited to write because they're dramatic. *squees*)

It wasn't edited by anyone other than myself, so if I made any mistakes, please don't yell. Although feel free to politely point them out. *grins* [ profile] kaitsyxo liked it. I wrote it in one day so I'm nervous. LoL.

I love feedback. *cute, puppy-dog grin*

And I love all of you.

Enjoy. =)

Review Responses for Ch 11 )

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*maniacal laughter*

It's working. It's working. The muse has risen. Perhaps I just needed some nudging. That and let my insomnia lead me blindly into letting my fingertips type a mile a minute. It feels so good to just write. I love it. I'm a dork, I know, I don't care. *giddy, dorky grin*

The only sad thing is I know I have so many other things I need to do, people I need to talk to, catch up with, discuss things with - but I need to write. Anyone ever just...get that feeling? Just, this need to write? *laughs* Insomnia, I'm telling you.

So I've officially begun Chapter Twelve of What Dreams May Come. And I'm happy about it. I did change my outline, so it won't be the original 16 chapters I thought it would be, it'll only be 15. But it works so much better this way. This story doesn't need to be long. It would spoil the magic I hope it's creating. And I'm actually excited, at the moment, to only have these last four chapters to write.

Wow, writing this has been amazing. I've gained so much for it. I'm so thankful. Seriously.

Okay, enough gushy-ness. *grins*

Not a whole lot is written for this chapter yet, but it's so there, in that place between my mind and my fingertips, and it's coming out grandly. The chapter, although I do hope it holds plenty of emotion in it, is more of a placement chapter - setting up for the dramatic final three chapters.

Want a tiny snippet?

A tiny snippet of Ch 12, WDMC )

Love till next time. Cookies, of course, too. <3

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I promise that in the midst of everything that I've been doing and that's been keeping me busy, I've been trying to write.

I really am. I'm trying to write, but it just...won't come out. At least not right, at all.

I need a muse.

And it so slipped past me that WDMC is a year old now. Awww.

I so really, really wanted to have been finished with that by now. I think I may revise the outline which may make it a chapter (or two, but probably just one) shorter than what's planned now. We'll see.

Weddings and work and pre-school stuff and friends and family and avoiding. And eating. Trying to write...

Yeah...that's all. <3

Somebody make me giddy.
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What Dreams May Come is updated (finally). Chapter Eleven – Actions and Reactions


It’s the longest chapter of the story so far, and I expect that it will remain the longest. A lot happens in it, but I owe everyone for such a long wait. =) And I plan on getting started with chapter twelve very soon.

wdmc chapter 10 review responses )

Thank you, everyone. I looooove you all.

 Huggles n cookies~


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*laughs* wdmc looks a mess right now, but within 24 hours it should all be back to good. *sighs* I took out all of the lyrics in each chapter, did some editing, re-uploaded chapter one, moved all the chapters up then and re-added chapter 10.

So there. It's fixed. *decides to get childish like others and sticks out tongue* write chapter eleven.... I'm scared of this chapter. Actually, as I go on, I keep fearing what I plan on writing. LoL. I keep setting myself up with writing scenes that I have high standards for in my mind, and things that aren't normally of my nature to write.

But I'll get it. other news, that plot bunny that was killing woke me up the other night and I wrote it out. It's a one-shot in the point of view of Remus and I haven't looked at since 3am the other day so it's probably horrible.

I have such faith in my writing...

Love goes out to all who lost fics again in this last wave of deletion-happy attacks. *huggles*

And now...I have to go to work. I was totally planning on doing a whole lot of nothing but hanging out here all day...but I've been called in. *sighs*

And so, life goes on. Ob-la-di-ob-la-da.


Apr. 28th, 2005 12:16 am
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Okay, okay, so Adam (the hubby) just explained to me why probably has the rule of no song lyrics...that whole copyrighted stuff. You must have expressed permission....


I'm still upset.

And I updated wdmc click here to go there , but I'm too tired to update RtW. Tomorrow. Or Friday....

I've moved into the just don't care mode now....

One of those days you just want to go back to bed. : /

Sweet dreams.
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